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  1. OK this one is too good not to share. My wife was scouring Kindred again and this came up on her 'let's try this' list. We made a deviation, but first, the recipe -- 1 oz gin 1 oz Amaro Montenegro 1 oz dry vermouth 1/2 oz honey syrup 1/2 oz lime juice Our substitution was Averna Amaro for the Amara Montenegro. Probably sacrilegious to do so, but man what a fine drink. Earthy, yet lighter than you'd expect (depends a lot on the honey you use to make the syrup). Highly recommended to evaluate at least once, especially if you like herbals in your cocktails as much as I do.
  2. I'll be there soon! New job makes it impossible for me to steal away to try it for lunch though you know, you all KNOW, I'd love nothing more than to get there stat.
  3. Anyone been yet? I know they are only open for lunch so far, but the initial buzz seems quite good. I was never in doubt of course, but I think this could be something really special. We have ressies for the middle of next month for dinner, so I will be sure to report back but just curious to see if anyone has been there yet. Also....thoughts on parking? Mirabelle
  4. I've considered trying Catoctin before - that for the suggestion (when I feel like the splurge).
  5. The people who run the RTC can do whatever they want - their choice. They can also watch the patrons of the stores and restaurnats and whatever also make a choice - some may stay and pay, others will say piss off and go somewhere else. Retail is dead. It's been dead for 20 years.
  6. Snd I went to three different Laurel liquor stores that were each out of this. GRRR. I am trying a Pikesville Rye as a result (as a cocktail base).
  7. Had a really good meal here this past weekend except for some nits (some of which were in control of the restaurant, some not). The grilled octopus was quite good, though I think the rest of the preparation around it was getting slightly in the way of the delicious octopus itself. Still a very good diash. My wife had their version of a burrata salad that was quite good. Cocktails preceded that, and despite my misgivings of their list being littered with drinks with 'smoke' in the ingredients, they were quite good. Then we waited. A while. Probably 30 minutes before we flagged down our guy (in the meantime our water was refilled and we were rationing our wine because we knew there was a lot of meat coming). But within maybe 3 minutes of asking for status, our entrees arrived. Delicious stuff, just a bummer the ticket got overlooked (it was a Saturday at prime time and they were packed). Wagyu bavette with chimichiuri, veal sweetbreads with salsa criola (I'd ordered the smoked citrus hollandaise but I was not bothering to point it out), blood sausage (morcilla), brussel sprouts sides (good but not revelatory) and mushrooms (quite good) rounded out by a grilled pineapple crepe souffle (very good and tart). The wine was a Gigondas that was our plan B when the baby Numanthia was sold out (the sommelier did not try to upsell us, perhaps partly because I think it was clear I knew my way around a wine list, as the two plan B's I'd asked about, one was maybe $10 cheaper than the bottle I intially ordered (this is the one I ended up ordering) and the other was 10 or 15 more than the original bottle I ordered. So...nice. The only other thing that was a bit of an annoyance was the noise level. They had two eight tops and at least one, possibly two six tops going. Given the presentation of the meat nature of the grilled and smoked meats, I get that it makes for great sharing and large groups but man alive it was loud in there. The bar was louder still. Oh well. I'll be back - probably for the smoked seafood box next time. Anyone had it?
  8. Yeah I read that on Rehoboth Foodie (or whatever that person's blog is called) a while ago. I'd followed the blog for a while after trying to figure out what the hell happened to Espuma.
  9. I am jonesing for some yakitori. Bad. Hong Kong ruined me for it.
  10. My wife is a south-central PA Dutchy girl. I may have to get her here - not interested in tasting menus, but they have PA chicken pot pie on the menu and the sauerkraut cakes sounds quite interesting.
  11. I have not been able to find any DC-area Yakitori restaurants. There are certainly some in NYC. Am I overlooking and just missing it if there is one around here?
  12. No doubt there is great stuff to see out there other than this, We just thought we would get lucky by getting there for employees only access. The glass hall full perspective was a nice dinner instead. It all worked out.
  13. Went again recently at the bar after an aborted attempt to see the YAYOI KUSAMA INFINITY MIRRORS (my wife's a Smithsonian employee, and this was an employee only access time and it was MOBBED). I ended up having their burger and it was quite, quite good. And, if you have not had their Rick Flair cocktail, you really should try it. Mmmmm.
  14. I love Difara's (even though that was the only time I've been) - no wait when we went if you can believe it. But that is one of the precious few places I would wait. The other place I would wait (which is now sadly closed) was Hot Doug's in Chicago. That place was magic. I am sure there are a few other places I might consider waiting, especially if I was on vacation, but my tolerance for waiting to dine, in general, is very, very low. I do remember the fact that they now have the rooftop table that you can reserve. However, 99% of the time, it is just my wife and I dining out, so this does not really help me. And, while tipping the hat to the 'I want a reservation' crowd is nice, having to go through gyrations to secure a reservation just doesn't make me wild about going to that place. Fortunately, there are many, many places that I can dine at that do offer reservations. And, there are other places that, I know if I go early or late, I can just walk in and get seated right away. This is just how the market works and I'm fine with that.