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  1. We had been to HArris before and liked it. Several years ago we made it to the Narrows, and it was an.....interesting experience but overall fine. We decided to try something new this time and went to Fisherman's Inn (?). It had some hits and misses, but was fine. Thanks all for the suggestions!
  2. YEah we have stuff to do local before we get the hell on our way. We'll have time for brunch or lunch in Rehoboth on Sunday, Thanks for the tips.
  3. Attending a wedding over the weekend in Rehoboth Beach, DE. looking for someplace to grab lunch tomorrow sort of Kent Island-ish. Does not have to be fancy, just really solid, good food. Not sure about the weather/temp/humidity, but bonus if they have outdoor seating in case it ends up working out that way. TIA.
  4. Oh my. There is some seriously good stuff there. My wallet will soon be bleeding.
  5. My wife and I used to source my shirts from Paradise on a Hanger, before they retired. Now it is a bit all over the map. Tommy Bahama has some moments, but sometimes has some real duds especially considering the price (and I am not opposed to spending money for serious Hawaiian shirt quality, believe me). Thanks for the Reyn Spooner suggestion, I will have to investigate.
  6. Yeah I can only imagine how hard it is to get that right for what, 25-30 people at once? We were on the right hand table as you walked in to the private dining room. The 2009 Pommarium Pinot Noir was the piece de resistance on the wine front.
  7. Nice. It's not too fancy of a place if you ask me. I go in jeans and an Hawaiian shirt. Great service, fantastic food, normal, personable staff (that probably many have tattoos, and are probably wearing undershirts too, but probably do not say stoked while on duty) is fine with me. The seating all around is magnificent. We went again with friends to the Peay Wine dinner there recently. A little tight, a little noisy, but food was great and a great time. Notes to follow.
  8. I miss Julien's food. Plus, he's a great guy. poo.
  9. I've had cavallo once in my life, in Verona. It was life alteringly good.
  10. That would be great if they can keep the same level of quality up here.
  11. Making cheese is great fun. Start easy and work your way up. Science at work!
  12. IMHO, the 'easter egg' to Frank's food is that, while all of the components are typically excellent and delicious, the assembly of some or ideally all component parts of the dish on a fork is what makes things he does truly exceptional. Oh and order that consomme. Next time I am seriously considering ordering a double portion.
  13. Oh I should really do that. Oh my.
  14. I am sure things change over time. It's been about 10 years since I've been up that way, but enjoyed my time exploring there. I am sure wineries come and go there just like anyplace else.
  15. OMG yes both of these additional suggestions are great! For when I don't want to get over to German Gourmet Deli.