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  1. I wear jeans and a nice Hawaiian shirt every time I go to Mirabelle (and the Grill Room before that, and Palena (front cafe, back dining room, outside, bar, etc). I never feel out of place or uncomfortable. We always have great service there. We always have a great time and sometimes I think it it is possibly because, from anyone's viewpoint, we're so obviously enjoying the experience.
  2. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to getting here again very soon - it is one of our favorite places.
  3. Looking forward to trying here soon. Love the concept, hate the no ressies (unless you have 6 people?).
  4. My wino buddies have been trying to work out a date that works for all of us to get here. Thanks for the rec!
  5. I'm not sure of your traffic stats, DR, or if you have them broken out between registered users versus unregistered, but you could totally make a meaningful amount of revenue to help support, re-tool and grow the site without going overboard on ads or sponsored content. Believe me, I am not a fan of ads, but that is what drives the content business these days. Over the last 6 months at my current gig, I have learned an awful lot about content monetization. But it really depends on the scale of your traffic. Ping me if you want some details. I am sure I could connect you with some folks that could help you by a side contracting gig.
  6. We still have not gotten to Le Diplomate - every time we think of going there, it is more spur of the moment and we can't get a reasonable ressie (and I hate waiting). We'll get there someday. It looks like a nice little place - the fact that they have The Scofflaw and The Last Word on their cocktail menu alone makes me take notice (not that they are new drinks, but that they chose to include them on their list).
  7. Dining in Ballston

    Man, food allergies are horrible. I'm sorry you have to deal with them, but glad you know what the deal is and how to manage and avoid the problem foods. I feel incredibly fortunate to not have to deal with them. Those are good tips for folks that need to be dairy and nut free in Ballston and I am sure others will soak up that very useful info.
  8. At the 'top level'of DonRockwellian Food are New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Philadelphia, Washington and Baltimore. All in that most curious order. When I look at Houston, it has 97 posts. About 43 places to eat in Philadelphia. Then I look at the Intrepifd Traveler section and notice this that make me say 'Hmmmmmmm.' Like, New Orleans, Chicago, Las Vegas, Charlottesville, VA, Paris, Boston and THIRTEEN other cities (9 of those in USA) that have more posts. Just curious what makes Houston stand out? Just pontifficating.
  9. Dining in Ballston

    Thanks for the tips - SER is an obvious choice to try soon. Your comment about not eating cheese has me wondering...so many things. I generally do not, flat out, remove entire zones of food from my purview. I am sure people have loads of reasons for not wanting to eat this or that for a number of justifiable reasons - food is very personal. But I cannot imagine life without having the chutzpah and fortitude and bravery to try new to you things, or often, re-try things from either bad experiences or try them again going against mental exercises or for reasons that the foodstuff is intolerable to that person for one reason or another. It's a curious choice I have made in that I am a lover of life in animals (moreso than humans, often), and yet I eat....animals. I am at peace with it and it is a choice we all must make and be comfortable with.
  10. Having had an exceptional experience in Hong Kong with a Yakitori place there (which I still need to write up and post about), we looked for someplace in the DC metro area and came up empty. We tried a place on our recent trip to NYC called Yakitori Tora. It wasn't as good as the place in Hong Kong, but it was still very good! Yakitori is, I think, most often char-grilled skewers of meats, mainly chicken. The place in Hong Kong, aside from cheese (yes cheese), it was pure chicken. This place had more than that. We had chicken in many forms, thigh, heart, skin (a very, very inventive rendition and tremendous), and liver of course. Oh and duck meatball. And bacon wrapped mushrooms. Fun and good. It's a meal you can make as long or as short as you like and since each thing you order is pretty small, you can dig in for the long haul or just stop in for a snack before you go somewhere else. I'd go here again. Photos
  11. Went again and still liking it. Good meal, got to eat outside in the middle to late evening with this wonderful weather. Good service. I'll be back.
  12. No full report here, but we had dinner with friends maybe a month or so ago. We tried almost everything on the menu and it was overall good to very good. It would be good to head back with just my wife and I to be able to taste more than a bite or so of each dish. Good cocktails. Annoyingly laid out menu/drinks list though I must say. Good service. Overall very good experience. Took quite a bit of circling to find parking, but ultimately successful. Worth at least a second look back from my perspective.
  13. German Restaurants

    I agree - I would not go out of my way to go there. But, if I was in the general vicinity for other reasons, I'd consider it, especially if it was around the time you'd expect to see a lot of game on the menu.