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  1. Lipstick lesbians sipping cocktails next to Narragansett-drinking Lumbersexuals. Dim lighting, dark wood, low slung couches, big glass windows overlooking the street, and a scent that I would describe as Dune Spice. Cocktails come with a kick and a friendly vibe. I suspect that late night could get a little Williamsburgy, but early in the evening an enjoyable place to meet up with friends before heading out to dinner. Dram 177 South 4th St. Brooklyn NY 11211
  2. I see that Sehkraft appears to be finally making progress. They've got the giant fermenters in place and I see tables and chairs. Any word on when this place will open? An Arlnow article said they were aiming for late August, which was obviously wrong. (In case folks here aren't aware of the place of which I speak, it's a sister restaurant to Westover Market Beer Garden.)
  3. It was the kind of meal where the more we ate the less satisified I felt, resulting in eating too much yet still alking away wanting a good dim su meal. The tarts, fresh out of the oven and still hot were a treat. Service was spotty.
  4. Can't find a thread on this, but I thought I remember SeanMike posting something. We went here for Valentine's Day. Bless their hearts. This could be a really cool restaurant, but it is just trying to hard. Genuinely, nicely trying too hard, which breaks your heart because it just needs some changes. First off the space- it was really cute, but it got really cold inside the restaurant that night. The service was over the top, but also sloppy in a way. They way over utilized rose petals for Vday (especially as it was mostly friends and families there). They got us water then didn't ask us about other drinks the whole evening. We had two glasses of champagne with the menu, but after we drank that no mention of do we want something else. But they did bring out food frequently, check on how it was and refilled our water after a couple sips had been taken. They had a Valentine's tasting menu, then their normal tasting menu. But one was 6 courses and the other 11. They didn't have a vegetarian or dim sum option. We were kind of struggling to figure out what to order. Hubby wanted the 11 course, we wanted the 6, they said we could do that. Well then the timing was kind of all over the place, which is why we hesitated in the first place on doing that, but we had my cousin who is 17 and from a rural area and just trying new stuff. There was an egg drop soup that was forgettable and just bland (do you have to put dyed rose petals in the food, I don't want to eat a dyed rose petal), the soup dumplings were placed on top of some sort of paper, but it wasn't non-stick enough, so two of mine fell apart with me just trying to not eat the paper attached to the bottom, I think part of this may have been they had congealed a bit. They served mine and my cousins dishes on a shared middle plate, and then we had to ask for small plates, and those weren't always cleared and replaced. I would have prefered just two separate plates as the plate in the middle made it hard to eat. The XO scallops were good, but their XO sauce wasn't quite as addictively good as other versions I have had and the scallops were so big and slippery even I found them really hard to eat with chopsticks, they brought spoons after they saw us struggling. I thought the lamb chops were great, but my cousin found them a bit too spicy and gamey. These came out with foil on the top, we only had chopsticks so we ate these with our fingers, but it would have been nice for them to indicate they were intended to be eaten with fingers, but would bring forks and knives if preferred. The dessert was durian ice cream, which was interesting, but the dish could have been more complex or had some other elements. There must have been another dish, but I can't remember what it was. MK's menu had a few more dumplings, and he really liked some of the items, but others he also thought were bland. I feel like if this restaurant would 1) offer a few more options on the tasting menus so you could tailor it a bit more to one's tastes and dietary restrictions that would be great 2) do more small plates a la carte 3) just taste and tweak some of the items 4) work on service that this place felt like it had so much potential, but was just failing to reach that potential. That is always what I really hate when I go to some restaurants, you can feel that it could be really good, but it isn't there. This is one of those places that needs to hire a consultant just to tweak things.
  5. I will accept your thanks in advance as I am now full and can't breath. I caught wind of this place on the cesspool that is Fairfax Underground and decided to check it out on my way back from DC today. The old Fairfax institution Arthur Treacher''s has gone the way of the dinosaur. Gone are the days of frozen deep fried fish and chips. Instead lets say hello to the days of fresh deep fried fish and chips. I showed up at 1 this afternoon and there were about 5 tables filled. Since this was a scouting mission, I jumped on the grenade and over-ordered. See the things I do for this community? Fish and Chips - Fries - a solid 6, but nothing special. The fish. A solid 8 +. Light batter and the fish was fresh and firm (that's what she said...) They use Cod. Tarter Sauce is homemade and good. Hushpuppies - two gripes - they should throw a couple of these in an order of fish and chips. Also, these would be better with some kind of butter or honey butter which was not offered. Regardless, I got the appetizer and they were actually good. Crispy, fluffy and not greasy. Of course, they sell tacos so I got two of those. Come on. I dare you to name a single fish and chips joint that does not also sell authentic mexican street tacos.... Anyways, I had the Carnitas and Barbacoa. Both were actually very good and the fresh tortillas were nice as well. The Carnitas had a good flavor and were not dry. The Barbacoa was spicy and tender. They also do chicken, chorizo and fish. Now I am full thanks to you guys. I would write more but I am going to hit the treadmill to see if I can regain some of my self esteem. In the meantime, if you are in the area and need a cheap lunch - skip Chipotle and check them out. When I go back, I don't know what I will get because everything I ordered was a standout.
  6. In the "every cloud has a silver lining" category, I am now eagerly awaiting the opening of his "Chase the Submarine" on Church Street! I had not heard that this was in the works.
  7. Website (NOTE: if your work monitors your computer, you may want to view this page on your phone): http://tiltedkilt.com/dulles/ (just had to say that - there's nothing R+ rated on it, but let's just say it's not something you'd want your boss to see on your screen if he/she was behind you) Location in Mall: Right inside the entrance across from the detached P.F. Chang's and Cheesecake Factory. So after a somewhat trying day, having just found out about this place the night before, I decided to see whether what I'd read about it being 'better than Hooters' (which, let's face it, isn't hard to do) was true. First, the waitresses are *much* more scantily-clad than Hooters - the standard 'uniform' being a mini-skirt (complete with a sporran 'micro-purse') and matching bikini-style push-up tops. The skirts leave exceptionally little to the imagination, but they're no shorter than you'd see at any club in DC on the weekend. Before I get started on the food, however, I do have to talk about the waitresses and the 'service.' I found the waitresses exceptionally attentive...but almost *too* attentive. Evidently in the Hooters of ~ye olden tymes~, the waitresses would 'gab' with the guests, and as they've become more successful, supposedly the practice of the waitresses playing the 'false pandering' card has fallen by the wayside (except with big tables where they can play the men against one another and rack up the bill)...and kind of for good reason. The practice is still very much alive at Twisted Kilt, however - if a seat is available (and, I'm presuming, if the place isn't packed), your waitress will sit down and make small talk with you, asking you standard questions (where you're from, what kind of music do you like, sports preferences, etc.) occasionally interweaving suggestions from the menu (both food and drink) into the topic of conversation. The 'killer' is, that *all* of the waitresses in the place are looking to get you to part with as much money as possible (~Strip Club Rules~), because soon after you start gabbing with your main waitress, a 'friend' of hers comes up and makes it a 'two-front war.' At tables with 2+, this can turn into a situation where you're suddenly swamped by just as many - if not more - waitresses, all of whom start besieging you with questions and making PG-to-PG-13-level 'girl talk' among themselves, asking you to be the 'arbiter' in playful little arguments/tete-a-tetes they get into. Evidently they've only been open around a week and a half, but it's very evident they've been coaching these girls (none seemed older than 20) on how to refine their 'mindfucking' skills for quite some time. Even the tables seem low enough that the waitresses are able to ~bend down~ just enough to flash their 'appetizers' at you. These girls *clearly* pool tips, even though I never explicitly asked. All of this happens while you're still in a position to order more food, once you've gotten your entree orders in, suddenly the 'relationship' you have with your main server becomes far more businesslike. You don't get 'hovered around' anymore (quelle surprise). One advantage to the system they have in place is that the waitresses are constantly in motion - unlike other restaurants, where your server can disappear for 5-10 minutes at a time, the 'gang' effect means that you can flag down your waitress' 'friend'/partner-in-crime and know she'll be back to you promptly. Okay...the food. First, the prices are high but not exorbitant for a mall-based restaurant. Entree prices seem to hover around the $10-15 mark - beer is ~$5-6 for a 20oz tumbler. Figure each person is going to rack up ~$15-20 each, minimum. The most attention is focused on you during the time when you're most likely to order appetizers and booze, obviously. Whenever I visit any sports bar (with or without 'boobage'), I always fall back on easy staples. I started with fried pickles, which for $7-9 (I can't remember which) were good enough, but they did try to steer me towards a costlier appetizer. Sorry, girls - fried pickles pair exceptionally well with Yeungling. The portion size was more than enough for one person - for two, it'd very much live up to the name 'appetizer.' For my entree, I tried their 'F.A.B. Burger,' and found it decidedly underwhelming. I've eaten quite possibly thousands of burgers in my almost 35 year life, but I'd never had a *deep fried* burger patty... ...and if what I ate is resplendent of what they're supposed to taste like, I might not eat any more of them in the future. I could distinguish no difference whatsoever between the taste of a cooked-well-done sit-down chain burger patty and this supposedly 'deep-fried' one. Now...this might be because they've only been open a week and a half and their cooks haven't quite gotten the practice down yet. But I have to stress that at ~5:30pm, this place was *maybe* at 10% load. For my side, I'd read in other Yelp reviews that the 'premium side' Garlic Parmesan fries were 'to die for,' and while I liked the taste, they were soggy as all hell. I ended up eating them Euro-style with a knife and fork to keep from accidentally dropping anything on my shirt. I'm of a mixed mind about this place. It's way better than Hooters at what Hooters 'does,' but I have to begrudgingly give the 'point' to Hooters simply because I've never had a bad meal at one (just boilerplate 'grub,' really). But the attention you get from the waitresses at Tilted Kilt can border and occasionally exceed excessive at times, especially if the restaurant's not that busy and they're able to ~gang up~ on you. I never felt as if I was being given the hard sell, but at the same time, I'm well aware I was very much being sold a 'bill of goods.' I'm definitely going to visit again, if only to see if their Shepherd's Pie is edible, but I'm not going to do so very soon. It's definitely a ~unique dining experience~, but this is definitely not a *family* dining experience. It would be exceptionally interesting to see if the same procedure is foisted upon tables where a fiancee, girlfriend, or wife is present - because if it isn't, this place could very well get the motto of, "Come for the food, then stay as long as you can to avoid the fight afterwards." One more thing to mention - most of the male staff that service the dining room wear Utilikilts. I didn't see a single one not sporting a surly demeanor or facial expression the entire time, too. They're definitely equipped to handle trouble, though - one of the guys behind the bar looked like he moonlights in a biker gang, which is good, because I could see socially-awkward/challenged guys buying into the 'attention' here and potentially stalking the girls, who go out of their way to tell you which nights and shifts are theirs so you can come back and 'visit' them.
  8. Everyone has one. A go-to Chinese food place that you go to whenever you have the urge for good Americanized Chinese food. I had one once but it closed 13 years ago. The old Sampan café, back when it was run by Brian. My family went there for 25 years. I haven't found anything close since. Sure, I still by Chinese food, but it is more for simplicities sake. I am generally not happy afterwards, but when you have a bunch of kids, and no time to cook, Chinese food is in the rotation. Flash forward to last night - I had some of the kids playing at an indoor playground while mulling over what to get for dinner. We just did Café Rio and I couldn't stand to have Chick Fil e again. We hadn't done Chinese food in a while, and I wasn't in love with the place we normally go to so I pulled up tripadvisor and searched for restaurants near me. The number 1 restaurant in town, according to the wisdom of the massed happened to be this place. Higher than Ford's. Higher than Thai Basil. I was intrigued. I placed my order and headed over to Airline Pkwy to go pick it up. The place was not that busy but the staff was very friendly and attentive. I ordered: Triple Delight Soup with house made noodles, combination fried rice, governor's chicken (kung pao), and smoked tofu with pork. The food had to travel home for 20 minutes but at the most part it ranged from good to very good. I want to eat there in person sometime and there are a number of interesting things on the menu that I want to try. Something noteable that the meats in the soup and fried rice were actually really good. They actually tasted like meat. Upon completing our meal, my wife commented "Why don't you go here from now on." I agree, I think I will forego any of our other carryout places for this one. I put this out there because I know many of this board's denizens live in the South Riding/Chantilly area. If you do, I encourage you to give them a try and let us know your opinion.
  9. Coco Loco. Xing Kuba. Terramar. Cesco back when it was good. Cottonwood Cafe back when it was good.
  10. Cafe Kimchi has closed. The space is now open under (I believe) different ownership with a new name and prettier look. The new restaurant is Torai, which serves Korean and Japanese food. Yelp link (obligatory "Sorry, Don.") Someone I know who lives nearby told me about the change and said that the food is quite good and a step up from Cafe Kimchi. I have not been in to eat here yet and, for that matter, only got food at Cafe Kimchi once. I forget what it was but it wasn't something that traveled too well. Given the small space, takeout probably remains the best option here, though there is some seating. The space is at 751 8th Street, SE, next to District Doughnuts.
  11. ... and so are its archives: https://assets.dnainfo.com/message.html And so goes a treasure trove of local journalism, including my own limited and mediocre first attempts to write about food. A no-prize to the person who can find my post about Don on the Wayback Machine. The high point of my public-facing writing "career"!
  12. Not sure if an actual thread is started yet (if so please merge), but per this link: "Small Bites: Community Diner Targeting Late Summer Opening in Bethesda" by Andrew Metcalf on bethesdamagazine.com it was to have opened by 'late summer 2016' but I can tell you it is still not open and it is officially fall. That being said, I am interested in seeing it open soon as I would like to check it out. From the construction looks, I still think it is at least 2 to 3 months away though.
  13. ClosedChef Driss Zahidi is opening Le Mediterranean Bistro, hopefully in April, in the old Sabzi space at 4008 University Drive in Fairfax. This will be a French Bistro (remember, Driss was the opening chef at Bistro Vivant), with Moroccan dishes as well, as Chef Zahidi is from Morocco. This should mean there will be lots of dishes from Provence and the Côe d'Azur. A sample opening menu can be found here (note the Octopus Kebab). As far as I'm concerned, we cannot get enough good southern French restaurants in this area. Congratulations to the whole team.
  14. Can't believe you people didn't got going on Palena yet. The cafe menu continues to grow and amaze as always. From the latest, bisque with mussels, touch of rice and spinach flan; stuffed Pennsylvania lamb with piquillo bread sauce; and hen gallantine sexed up with pistachios and foie gras have blown my mind. The menu is so familiar and well-loved by now that ordering became a struggle, although not entirely un-looked-forward to. Should I have something new? Or should I get the best burger in NW? Of course, last night I figured had to have my burger fix before taking off for two weeks of caviar therapy. I said it first...Jeff is very dreamy and extremely dexterous with beverages of all sorts.
  15. Opened 10/21/2013 - Caffé Aficionado, 1919 N Lynn St, Arlington. A new high-end coffee house opened Monday in the CEB/Deloitte building in Rosslyn. They serve Handsome Coffee, from Los Angeles using a 2-group La Marzocco GB/5. They do pour overs later in the day and serve amazing pastries. Not sure who bakes them, but they are delish. Not everything on the menu is available--like some house made Belgian-style waffles. They also have fresh squeezed orange juice.
  16. New shop now open near the corner of 11th and E, NW. (Interestingly, right near the new Ben and Jerry's tucked into that tourist service joint on the corner).
  17. My sister-in-law, a denizen of Cleveland Park, asked me if I had heard anything about a new place called Ripple in the old Aroma space in Cleveland Park. She said the posted menu looks interesting. Metrocurean has the scoop. A bit surprised that this seems to have gone unnoticed on dr.com given the pedigrees of the team behind it. Anybody go on a scouting trip this past weekend? [ETA: oops--looks like the tag line got cut off in the title of the thread; should be "from our back yard." I assume Don will change the title of the thread anyway. ]
  18. I was walking around at lunch today and passed by 100 King St (vacant for awhile) and notice a bunch of permits on the windows and obvious demolition going on. Went back to the office and did a bit of digging and found a submission by Carluccios on the upcoming docket of the Board of Architectural Reviews. Apparently a UK based Italian chain. Carluccios.pdf
  19. GBD Chicken and Doughnuts is opening on Friday at 8am at 1323 Conn Ave (where Yola used to be, so fried chicken & doughnuts is replacing a healthy yogurt place). From the Our Story page on their website: "GBD (which gets its name from the restaurant kitchen shorthand for golden, brown and delicious) pairs the sweet and savory specialties of husband and wife team Chef Kyle Bailey & Pastry Chef Tiffany MacIsaac the culinary masterminds behind Birch & Barley." Washington Post article about the opening and offerings here.
  20. This is a new restaurant which appears to be under the Warner Theater. Although it boasts a Pennsylvania Avenue address, although that esteemed Avenue is a block further south, it is actually located at Thirteenth and E, NW, with the entrance on Thirteenth. You go down a nice flight of stairs into a well-decordated room. I took my goddaughter there last week and the fifteen year old enjoyed a clam chowder that was actually full of clams. I opted for the fried chicken that the Post food critic had recommeded. I liked the chicken very much as did goddaighter who had one of my pieces and pronunced it as better than Joe's where she had chicken last month. She finished off with chocolate chip cookies and milk and, when she had one cookie left, they put it in a neat little box for her to take home. I will go back, of course, and I do wonder why these new restaurants are not reviewed more frequently. Boss is a nice place and certainly better than Chef Jeff's across the street. Perhaps the entrance is too hard to find.
  21. A delayed note. I had some lunch brought in from Chix and was fairly impressed. I had the chix chicken which is seasoned with a secret blend of spices (so says the menu). I found it flavorful and tender. I only ate the dark meat, but my work partner had the breast and say they were juicy. The meat was seasoned well. I had black beans and rice on the side. They were decent, not wowed off my feet , but decent. I would recommned stopping in and supporting them. The food is good and the mission better. http://www.chixdc.com
  22. Science Club? That sounds interesting. Anyone have news on what it is? Bar, lounge, resto? What kind of drinks, couches, food? Maybe you have to check your brain at the door?