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Merchandise Guide - Things That You Buy and How To Use Them, Cook Them, Etc.


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I've never been sure which index to find things in, so I've divided them into three, mutually exclusive indexes:

1. Stores - Places where you buy things - stores, mail order, online ordering, etc.

2. Items - The things that you buy inside of Stores, what do do with them, how to cook them, etc. (this is where you are now - see the post below for the current index).

3. Thoughts - Any other Shopping and Cooking discussion not fitting into Stores or Items.


1. Where you buy things

2. Things that you buy

3. Everything else

These indexes were started by mktye and continued by leleboo - both of these members are responsible for helping to keep the community going, and should always be in your hearts and minds.

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For information on specific stores (as opposed to "Where can I purchase specific items?"), please go to the Stores Guide.
For information on cooking specific things, please scroll down in this Guide to the Cooking and Recipes section.
For general discussion threads, please go to the Discussions Guide.
If you need Emergency Shopping Help, post on Ingredient Source 911 (treat it seriously - people reply very quickly here!)

Pork - Bacon // Caul Fat //  Fatback // Heritage PorkHoliday HamHog JowlsIberico HamIberico de bellota HamKalua Pork/PigLeaf Lard // Pig Head // Pig SpleenPorcelairPorchettaPork BellyPork HocksProscuitto San Daniele // Baby Back Ribs // SalumiSuckling PigSurryano Ham (from Surry Farms)Tasso Ham

SausagesSausagesAndouilleGood Hot DogsItalian Sausage (w/o fennel) // Morcilla // Simply Sausage // Spanish Blood Sausage

Beef and Bison: BeefaloBeef CheeksBeef Rib RoastBresaolaBrisket (Packer cut)Cheap-Ass SteakChianina BeefDeckle // Denver Cut // Flat Iron SteakGood Burger PattiesGround WagyuHanger SteakJerkyMeaty TX-style Beef RibsOffalSuetTri-TipVeal Bones

Fish and Shellfish: BluefishBuying OnlineCalamariCanned TunaLump Crab MeatBlue CrabsCrawfishDungeness CrabFishmongersFresh ShrimpIn-Shell ScallopsLive LobstersLobster Pot KitLocal Fish Smokers (BYOF)MusselsOysters to ShipPike // Raw Oysters // RockfishSalt CodShad Roe // Skate // Smoked SalmonSoft Shell CrabsSteamers (clams)Stone Crab (Florida)Sushi-Grade TunaUni
Fowl: Chicken Francese // Duck BreastsDuck (Whole)Duck ConfitDuck LegsFoie GrasGooseKosher ChickenLocally Raised Chicken // Pekin Ducks // Schmaltz Stewing HensThanksgiving Birds

Game & Other: AlligatorEmuVenisonWhole Rabbit

Goat and Lamb: GoatLambMeat (for Gyro)

Dairy: American Cheese // ButterCatupiry CheeseClotted CreamCream for Making ButterDuck Eggs and Quail Eggs // Firefly Farms Goat Cheese // Fresh Goat's MilkFresh MozzarellaFresh Ricotta // Baked Lemon Ricotta // Homemade TofuMilkPaneerPasteurized or Irradiated EggsPlugrí¡ Unsalted Butter // Raw Milk // Sheeps' MilkStiltonTortilla EspañolaTeleme CheeseUnpasteurized Butter & Cream

Fruit and Vegetables: ApricotsApricots, DriedArtichokesArugula // Baby Corn // Bradford WatermelonsCanned Tomatoes, D.O.P. and San-Marzano-styleCantaloupeCasaba MelonsChardCherriesCling Peaches // Corn Salad Greens // Dekopon // Fava BeansFresh San Marzano TomatoesFiddleheadsForagingFresh FigsFresh VegetablesGigante BeansGooseberriesItalian Plums // Jackfruit // JamunKabocha Squash // Lamb's Lettuce // Chinese Lillies // Lily BulbsLoquatsLotus RootLovageLucumaLupini Beans (in harissa) // Máche // MangosteensMeyer Lemons // Navel Oranges // Palestine Sweet LimesPassion FruitPaw PawsPersimmonsPeppers, Hottest (Bhut Jholokia)PlantainsRampsRhubarbRomanescoSorrelStrawberries // Sumo Fruit // Sunflower SproutsSweet Potatoes (Not Yams)Tamarind // Tomatillos // Tomatoes in April // Valencia OrangesWineberries
Fungi: ChanterellesFaat ChoyMorelsPorcini PowderPorcinisTrufflesTruffle JuiceTruffle Oil

Grains & Starches: Israeli Couscous // Farina // Cake Flour // Type 00 Italian Flour // Fresh Masa // Asian Noodles // Homemade Ramen Noodles // Fresh Rice Noodles // Sun Noodles Ramen Pack // Panko // Bella Italia Cicatelli Molisani Pasta // Filotea Pasta // Fresh Pasta & Gnocchi // Bulk Polenta Quinoa // Bomba Rice // Sticky Rice // Semolina // Tortillas

Oils & Condiments: Aged BalsamicoCava's DipsDemi-Glace // Fish Sauce // HummusJme Pantry CollectionHFCS-Free Heinz Ketchup // Lyle's Golden Syrup // Mumbo Sauce // Olive OilO&Co. Olive Oil // Organic Honey // Partida Agave NectarRasika's Jarred Sauces // S'chug // Toasted Sesame Paste // Teisseire Fruit SyrupsVinegar "Mother"Wild HoneyYuzu,

Pickles and PeppersAnaheim ChilesChili Puree with GarlicChiles de ArbolChipotle ChilesIndian Pickles // Kimchi // Peppers and Pimento Wood for Jerk ChickenPicklesPiquillo Peppers

Herbs and Spices: Anise Hyssop // Bacon SaltBanana Leaves Bulk Salt // Chives (Chinese v. Garlic) // Cilantro vs. Culantro // Curry LeavesDried SeaweedGarlicGinger // Horseradish Root // Juniper BerriesKaffir Lime LeavesKorean Red GinsengLavenderLemongrassLicorice Root // Spring Oregano // Pepiche and PapaloPotted Culinary HerbsPowdered CoconutSmoked PaprikaSmoked Salt & PepperSpanish PaprikaSpicesVanilla BeansVerjusWild Hibiscus in Simple Syrup
Nuts & Snacks: Banana ChipsGourmet Cheez-ItsGreen WalnutsGround NutsHabanero DoritosHeirloom PopcornKinderhook SnacksPecans // Pine Nuts (Not from China) // Potato ChipsPrawn CrackersWhole Nuts

Breads & Desserts & Sweets:

B-Holes // BreadBagelsBaguetteBialysBriocheBurger BunsChallah // Chapati // CroissantsHot Cross BunsKnishes"New England Style" Rolls for Lobster Rolls // Slider Buns

Cakes, Cookies, and PastriesBaklavaBerger CookiesBirthday CakesCanalésCannolisChurrosCroquemboucheFortune CookiesGirl Scout CookiesHamentashen // King Cakes // Kouign Amann // MacaronsMalasadasMillefoglieMooncakes // Oreo // PaczkiPalmiersPieSufganiyot // Tortas de Aceite // Wedding Cakes

Ice CreamGelato and SorbetGreen Tea Ice CreamHaagen-DazsJapanese Shaved Ice (Kakigori) //Jeni's Ice Cream // Korean Shaved IceOlive Oil GelatoPumpkin Ice CreamViennetta

Chocolate & Candy:

CandyCaramel Apples

ChocolateChocolate-Covered StrawberriesChocolate for BakingM&MsReal (British) Cadbury Chocolate


CoffeeFresh-Roasted Coffee BeansIced Coffee ConcentrateKarlací¡ Coffee Company // Kirkland Coffee Beans // Restaurant Eve Signature Blend CoffeeTurkish Coffee
Juice, Blueberry JuiceCoconut WaterMaple Water
TeaGunpowder Green TeaFortnum and Mason TeaPersian Tea

SodaCane Sugar SodasFentiman's Natural SodasJamaican Grapefruit SodaKosher Coke // Wine-Like Soda

WaterBadoit WaterDeer Park Spring WaterMetromint Water // Spindrift Sparkling Waters
Sweet Drinks, Atol de Chuco // Scharffen Berger Drinking ChocolateUnpasteurized Apple Cider

Energy DrinksEnviga Green Tea Energy Drink

Prepared Foods: AppetizingAssemble-it-yourself, Prepared MealsBacon of the Month ClubBanh chung/Banh TetBobby's Crab DipCornish Pasties and Fresh Meat PiesEdible Gift BasketsJordan's Country Crisp CerealKosher Carmel Soup Mix Chicken StyleMeal ShortcutsParty PlattersPrepared MealsPotato SaladUnique Food Gift IdeasValentine's Food GiftsXiao Ling BaoZingerman's Culinary Adventures100 Bowls of Soup

Misc: Apocalypse Chow // Chemicals for CookingSurvival RationsTartaric Acid

Non-Food Items: All-Clad // Bulk CharcoalButcher PaperCanning SuppliesCookware, Kitchen Tools, and GadgetsCookware BargainsCooking-related Gifts for Kids // Electric Tea Kettles // Home Pizza Ovens - Breville Pizzaiolo, Ooni Koda, et al // Instant Pot // Julep CupsLinensProfessional-Grade Plastic WrapSilver FlatwareSony Playstation GlasswareUsed Restaurant SuppliesWaffle Irons

Cooking and Recipes

For information on specific stores (as opposed to "Where can I purchase specific items?"), please go to the Stores Guide.
For information on "Where can I purchase specific items?" please scroll up in this Guide to the Shopping section.
For general discussion threads, please go to the Discussions Guide.
If you need Emergency Cooking Help, post on Kitchen 911 (treat it seriously - people reply very quickly here!)
Cooking Methods & Techniques: BarbecueBraisingBrining BirdsCanning and PreservingCharcuterieCreating Depth of FlavorDefrostingDry-Aging MeatFish en PapilloteFreezing Sauces & JuicesGrilling 101Grinding Meat (for burgers or other uses) Hard-Boiling EggsHomemade BaconHomemade Pasta Without a MachineHow to Boil WaterLardingMaking JerkyMaking Powdered FoodsMonkeySee.comPad ThaiRendering FatRisotto (Pre-Cooking)Salt-RoastingScrambling Eggs with an Espresso MachineSlow-Cooker RecipesSmokingSous VideSteaming a (Schwartz's) Smoked BrisketStuffing PastaTemperingTerra Cotta Cookware,

Pork: Boneless SpareribsChar SiuCochon de LaitCurrywurstFresh Ham RoastsHam SteakCalhoun Country HamMission: PorkParboiling RibsPig RoastingPork BellyPork Loin (the big kind)Pork Tenderloin (the little kind)Puerco PibilSpare RibsStanding Pork RoastSuckling PigTrotters,

Beef: BrisketFlanken-cut Short RibsFlat Iron SteakHanger SteakKobe BeefOmaha SteaksPastrami Roasted Bone MarrowSharing a Side of BeefShort Ribs (English cut)Standing Rib RoastSteakSteak Tartare

Food for Stocking a Freezer: Food for Stocking a Freezer

Game and More: CaribouHorsemeatRabbitVenison

Goat, Lamb, & Veal: GoatLeg of LambSaltimboccaSeared Lamb LoinVeal Rib ChopVeal Tongue

Fish: Basa/Pangasius (Vietnamese Catfish)Best Piece of Fish Ever Eaten (recipe for sable/black cod)BrandadeCevicheCooking LobsterCrabcakesEscargot SnailsEscolarFrozen MusselsFuguKinkgklipLobster RollsMonkfishRed Snapper Vera CruzSablefish/Black CodSalmonSardinesScallopsShadShad RoeVietnamese CatfishWhole Rockfish

Fowl: Beer Can Chicken // Chicken Cutlets // Chicken-Liver PatéCornish Game HensDuckFried ChickenGoose BreastGooseLazy Man's Roast ChickenPalena Chicken ProjectPoussinQuailRed Hot ChickenSmoking, Grilling, Deep-Frying a TurkeyTurkeyTurkey Pot PieThe Willard Room's Alsatian Chicken Baeckeoffe

Mixed Meats: Boar's Head MeatsBoudin BlancCassouletChiliColdcutsCuts of Meat for StewHaggisHalf-SmokesHamburgersMeat CakeMeatloafPork Belly & OxtailSausagesScrappleSpamSweetbreadsTerrinesWhole Food's Vegetarian Field Roast,

Dairy:  BelGioso CheesesCustardDevilling EggsDrunken Eight-Egg OmeletteDuck EggsEgg Cooking TechniquesFondue au FromageGougèresHomemade CheeseHomemade MozzarellaQuail EggsSabayonSalvadora Crema vs. Sour CreamSheep's Milk RicottaSoufflésSoy MilkYogurt

Fruit, Fungi, & Veggies: ApplesAsparagusKeeping Asparagus FreshBeansBeetsBlack-Eyed PeasBraised CarrotsBroccoliAlbert R. BroccoliBroccoli RabeBroccoli StemsBrussel SproutsCabbageCaprese SaladCarrotsCauliflowerCayenne Peppers (Fresh)Chervil (Fresh)CoconutCoconut MilkDandelion GreensDurianEggplantFennelFizzy FruitFruit and Herb CombinationsGreen TomatoesJackfruitJalapenosJapanese Pickles (Tsukemono)Kadu (Kaddoo)KohlrabiKumquatsLong PepperMaradol PapayasMascarpone-Stuffed Dates (a la Komi)Meyer LemonsMiracle FruitMirepoixNattoNettlesOkraOlivesParsnipsPlantains // Pomegranates // PumpkinRoasted Cherry TomatoesRoasted VegetablesSalsifySeville OrangesSour CherriesSquash BlossomsStoring MushroomsSubstituting Mushroom VarietiesSugar PlumsSzechuan ButtonsTomatillosTomatoesTomatoes a la AndresTrufflesWatermelon (how-to)Winter SquashZucchini

Onions & GarlicGarlic ScapesGreen GarlicGreen OnionsLeeksOnions (Vidalia)Ramps

Soup & Stock: Beer Cheese Soup BisqueBun Rieu (Vietnamese crab noodle soup)Caldo Tlalpeí±oCappelletti In BrodoChicken SoupChilled SoupsCioppinoCrab BisqueGazpachoMisoNew England Clam ChowderPhoSeafood GumboSpanish Wild Mushroom SoupSplit Pea SoupTom Ka (Thai coconut soup)Winter Soups

StockBeef BrothChicken StockDifference in Veal Bones for Stock Duck StockTurkey Stock vs. Chicken StockVeal Stock

StewsGumbo // Paila Marina

Pasta & Starches: BajiCajun Rice DressingChiuraCongeeCornmeal PancakesDurum Wheat FlourFarroFlavored PastaFrench FriesGnocchiGratinsGritsInstant Steamed RiceLasagnaMac & CheeseOrzoPaellaPastaPasta with Butternut SquashPasta with Cherry TomatoesPastitsioPersian RicePolenta // Rice A Roni // Mashed Potatoes // Roasted Potatoes // Potato SaladRavioliRiceRisottoRisotto í  la Joe HSoy GritsSpaetzleSweet Brown Rice

Breads (Sweet and Savory): Baking BreadBiscuitsEgg-Free ChallahHamburger BunsHomemade DoughnutsHushpuppiesMicrowave BreadMuffinsNo-Yeast Dinner RollsPasty // Pita Bread // PizzaPopoversPretzelsPuff Pastry UsesSavory MuffinsSconesSourdough StarterSpoonbread

Appetizers & Snacks: GranolaGuacamoleHomemade Potato ChipsSmoothies

Sauces & Condiments: Barbecue SauceBlackberry SauceBolognese // Carbonara // Confit JellyA Healthier Ranch DressingFull Red Fully Prepared Pizza SauceMango Shrimp Dipping SauceMarinades, Brines, and Salad DressingsMayonnaise and AioliMembrilloMushroom Cream SauceOnion MarmaladePestoRoasted Corn RelishSalsa Verde // Sriracha Sauce // Tamarind PasteTomato SauceTomato & Veal Pasta Sauce,

Spices and Herbs: ArganölBasilBrown SugarCardamom // CilantroFlaxseedFlor de IzoteLicorice VerbenaMahlabPenzey's Black and Red SpiceSpecialty Salts

Desserts & Sweets: í†bleskiverAnimal CrackersApple PieBacon Chocolate-Chip CookiesBread PuddingCakesCaramelsCarrot CakeChocolate-Covered StrawberriesCoconut CakeCoconut Cream PieCobbers (Crumbles)Cookie Dough Storage // Cookie Recipes // CupcakesEasy DessertsFruitcakeFruit TartsGingerbreadHaresa (Jordanian semolina cake)Key Lime PieKing CakeMacaronsMarshmallowsNon-Dairy FrostingPáte BriséePiesQueen Elizabeth Cake (maybe trifle)Red Velvet CakeRosinenkí¼chen (German Raisin Cake)Rum CakeStroopwafles // Gelato/Sorbetto // Ice Cream // Sorbet // Tollhouse Cookies
Recipe Ideas For: Low- and No-Carb Recipes // Low-Carb Thanksgiving Sides //Baltimore Crabcakes (Andrew Zimmern) // Simple Stuff You MakeRecreating Restaurant Favorites at HomeCampfire CookingVegetarian MainsTamalesTraditional Taco FillingsAyurvedic CookingFamily RecipesCreativity with LeftoversSimple SyrupPopcorn Popped in Bacon FatDuck ConfitToppings for Pumpkin CheesecakeTopping Apple CrepesHanging TenderLamb Sirloin TipLeftover TurkeyLeftover Chicken au JusWine You Might Not DrinkLeftover SpiritsA Single MorelSaffron Cooking Without a Kitchen SinkCooking with WhiskeyCooking with Walnut OilCooking with HoneyHuckleberriesPepper for VindalooVariations on Grilled Cheese and Tomato SoupLeftover Egg WhitesStale BreadInjeraYour CSA DeliveryCooking VegetarianInteresting Jelly/JamLeftover MoleVegetarian Breakfast CrepesHalf a Cup of CreamDolmathes (dolmades; stuffed grape leaves)Fattet Bel DjajFruit and Vegetable Pulp After JuicingAnchoviesAdapting a Whole Side of SalmonWhole Thanksgiving Meal from Farmer's MarketAppetizers for a CrowdMake-Ahead MealsEating on the CheapStuffing the FreezerSnow (Really!)
Sandwiches: The Ultimate BLTThe Ultimate Chicken Parmigiana SandwichCubano (Cuban Sandwich)Peanut Butter and Marmite Sandwiches
Drinks: Acadiana's Bloody Mary Recipe // Cactus Pear Syrup // ChaiCoffeeHomemade BittersIced CoffeeInfusing AlcoholLimoncelloNonalcoholic Cocktails SmoothiesSpiked PunchSupreme Italian Mixed-Citrus Juice

DR.com Picnic Recipes: Fall '05 (link to .pdf file of recipes), Spring '06Fall '06Spring '072009 (Spring and Fall)2010 Spring2010 Fall2011 Spring

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